For this assignment, you obtain prime a floating  (amid the ultimate 2 years) season or discovery monograph to criticism. The season your prime MUST be divergent from any other one you criticismed for another theme or assignment. You may prime any season or discovery monograph that is connected to Threat Modeling, and specifically relations STRIDE. The immovable rubric obtain arrange further counsel on the resigned requirements, but hither is a defective register of what I scantiness: 1) Your criticism should be 1 Page, Minimum, double-spaced. 2) Please upload a Microsoft Word muniment to resign your criticism. 3) You should summarize the resigned of the season or monograph and expound how it relates to STRIDE and Threat Modeling. 4) Arrange your own impost of the season. (Did it bring-about judgment? Did you learn anything from it? Do you fit or disfit delay the resigned?)  5) Use the APA fashion for the monograph and  stint of one scholarly reference, which is the season you are criticisming. No website URL. Web Page is not a relation NOTES: - Prime ONE monograph or season. That ONE monograph or season should be the ONLY individual relationd. Do NOT round in a monograph delay multiple relations. This isn't a relation monograph altercation. I scantiness you to singly prime ONE discovery monograph or season THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES STRIDE. Then I scantiness to see two things: learn #3 AND #4 aloft. - PLEASE pay heed to #5. You relation MUST be in APA format AND you MUST arrange a relation indicator in your resignation when you relation the monograph or season. You obtain facilitate points (yes, multiple points this date) if I cannot solve your relation.