For the Article #2 assignment, you are asked to transcribe a thorough resume of each of the assigned conditions up to the duration that Article #2 is assigned and due (chapters 5-9). The resume article is where you synthesize each condition and transcribe separately. Requirements In answerableness your resume article, you should construction your article in alignment delay each condition, by summarizing all of the deep themes and terminology set forth in each condition. For each condition resume, you procure insufficiency to enjoy an insertion condition delay a topic announcement, matter conditions in subsistence of the topic announcement which argue the deep themes in the textbook condition. You must enjoy a quittance as you embody each condition. The creation of your answerableness is analytical, in the third peculiar, and shapely. Do not use colloquialisms. You should enjoy one cogitation condition at the end of each condition resume in which you argue your own peculiaral copy of the theories and themes argueed in each condition. Provide a subheading for this cogitation condition indicating that it is a cogitation established on the assigned condition. Your resume of each condition should be approximately 10%-20% of the cause. Therefore, if one condition is 40 pages desire, then your resume of that condition could logically be betwixt 4-8 pages desire. You must enclose headings and subheadings in the formatting of your article. You procure insufficiency to use APA mode. What is the view of the Article #1 and #2 assignments? There is a dual view:  To compose a constituent of answerableness that helps you to conceive and mind what you gather from the assigned recognizeings. To inform for grading views that you enjoy recognize and silent the assigned recognizeing, and that you are cheerful to shape significance out of theories to then use them in unamazed condition.