1) Using an Internet quest engine, quest for “strategic treaty” and identify a of-late formed treaty. What is the goal of this treaty? What brought them concurrently? Discuss how you opine a strategic treaty is or is not an operative way for these constructions to as their goals.  2)  Consider this relatively locality: David Doe is a netproduct official for the ABC Company. David is passed aggravate for preferment three times. He is completely vocal in his grasp delay this locality. In truth, he begins to specific indirect opinions encircling the construction in unconcealed. Eventually, David quits and begins his own consulting calling. Six months following David’s disappearance, it is discovered that a good-tempered-tempered trade of the ABC Company’s request has suddenly been duplicated by a rival. Executives at ABC guess that David Doe has executed some consulting product for this rival and may accept passed on impressible grounds. However, in the cessation past David left, his computer has been formatted and reassigned to another idiosyncratic. ABC has no indication that David Doe did anything injustice. What steps susceptibility accept been enslaved to expose David’s alleged industrial espionage? What steps susceptibility accept been enslaved to forefend his perpetrating such an offense?