need someone who has learnt media aesthetics

   Total effort should be no longer than 3 pages. Watch Citizen Kane 1. Scene: Breakfast after a while the foremost Mrs. Kane Link: Discuss the aesthetic or sufficient elements such as lighting, gauge, editing, and camera effort in the exhibition.  2. Answer one attention topic from the list: A. Examine the concoct constitution of Citizen Kane. Various critics own compared its constitution to a complexity, a prism and a shroud romance. What is the constitution of the concoct and how does the achievement fit this constitution? Use an model to demonstrate your apex. B. Choose one of the similaritys depicted in Citizen Kane and examine how Orson Welles uses aesthetic elements to show the similarity. Use distinct models to demonstrate your arrogation. C. Choose one motif in the film and decipher how it is patent clear throughout the film. Use distinct models to decipher the motif. 3. One subject we own repeated for the complete semester is that veers in technology repeatedly like media aesthetics. Provide an model and decipher how the veer in technology likeed media aesthetics.