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    ITS 834 Emerging Threats and Countermeasures Total points - 100 Midterm Inquiry Paper- The monograph is due on end of day Monday July 29  Write a inquiry monograph on the subject Cyber war and its implications for the United States  Your inquiry monograph should be minimally 10 pages (inclose spaced, Font - Georgia after a while font bulk 12). The inquiry monograph deficiencys to attribute to the aftercited source ❑ Kostyuk, N., and Zhukov., M., Y. (2019). Invisible Digital Front: Can Cyber Attacks Shape Battlefield Events? Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(2)., 317-347. (pfd rendering of monograph is uploaded to module 4 in d2l).  ❑ In importation you deficiency to possess at lowest 5 fellow resurveyed journal/book attributeences  The inquiry deficiencys to minimally argue the aftercited  ❑ The affinity of cyber war for the United States ❑ What are some ins of potential cyber war scenarios where dubious infrastructure could be affected ❑ Emerging technologies that can be used for cyber war  ❑ What does Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) discourse largely in their monograph? Do you consent after a while Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) that cyber-attacks are petty as a instrument of coercion in war. Fix to expound why or why not.  ❑ Future implications of cyber war for the United States  The bibliography should be comprised as a disconnected page and is not dissect of the 10 page condition. Ward apportionments obtain be run through Protected Assignment. Gladden fix to hinder the protected apportionment conclusion previous to proposeting. You obtain possess the casualty to propose your apportionment up to two times. So gladden propose prior than the due continuance so you can hinder your protected apportion account. If your protected apportion account is over than 10 percent, you deficiency to hinder your monograph and frame any deficiencyed updates and propose frequently. Quotation that are copied straightway from beyond sources after a whileout nature in quotes is considered plagiarism. Gladden attribute to the University’s academic probity system. If there is quotation in your monograph from beyond sources that are not attributeenced and in quotes, you obtain not take a progression for the apportionment and obtain be attributered to the province. The university of Cumberland library can be assessed at The inquiry monograph should apprehend the aftercited components.  ● Title Page (Not dissect of the narrowness 10 page condition) ● Abstract (transient overview in your own control of the whole pleased of your monograph, scant to 200-350 control) ● Introduction (1-2 pages, affinity of cyber war for the U.S, in, potential scenarios_ ● Lore Resurvey (2-4 pages, describes the inquiry monographs that you furnish in attributeence to the subject of cyber war, emerging technologies that can be used, the collision of cyber war) ● Discussion (2-3 pages) – (Your perspective on the subject of cyber war, implications for the U.S, dubious perspectives and/or recommendations) ● Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs, This provides a ultimate analysis of your inquiry monograph) ● Bibliography in APA format The aftercited rubric obtain be used to progression your assessment     Evaluation Parameters Percentage Weight   Did the ward   respond to the inquiry subject  20   Did the ward   conduct competent lore resurvey of the subject  20   Did the ward   provide bearing ins to influence viewpoints  20   Did the ward   meet the pleased conditions of the apportionment and argue the key points   identified in the question 20   Did the ward   provide a dubious perspective on the subject  10   Did the ward   create a authoritative, well-developed fame after a while suited language, spelling,   punctuation and APA formatting 10   Total 100% Please attribute to the aftercited for APA guidelines Need acceleration after a while Inquiry monograph 12 pages .. due in 1 day.