Need a 700-Word Paper with graphs to include a BOX AND WHISKER PLOT. Need instructions read carefully. Information to do the graphs and write the paper with it are included.

  Purpose of Assignment  This assignment granted students delay exercise in discernment the similarity of averages and rule gap to fabricate an sensible vocation firmness encircling the impure allowance operation of each movie genre. Students procure understand to instrument the use of these statistical metes for ameliorate vocation firmness-making.  Resources: Week 2 Videos; Week 2 Readings; Statistics Lab  Tutorial aid on Excel® and Word functions can be endow on the Microsoft® Office website. There are as-well subjoined tutorials via the web subscription maintenance for Office products.  Assignment Steps  Refer to Mini-Project Movie Basis Set.  Analyze and transcribe a ment summarizing this basis. This ment should embody answers to at lowest the forthcoming questions:  Calculate the digest metes (the average, rule gap, five-number digest, and interquartile class) of the completion impure allowance for each movie genre. Which genre had elder variability in completion impure allowance?  Explain why. Draw a box-and-whisker contrive of a movie's tediousness of duration (minutes) by genre. Are there any differences in movie tediousnesss when collated despite genres? Are there any outliers? Use the average movie impure allowance for each genre to collate the movie initiation impure allowance.  Choose an divert statistical mete to collate the compound of movie impure allowance.  Make the calculations and transcribe a 700-word ment comparing the completion movie impure allowance and the compound of movie initiation impure by genre. Format your assignment accordant delay APA guidelines.