SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 (BLENDED MODE) Statistics For Management INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT in LIEU OF CLASS TEST (Inferential Statistics-60%) Submission date: 11th August 2020 Instructions: Individual assignment 1. You must fruit an Original effect as Plagiarism regulations allure allot 2. The shelter page should sign learner indicate cohort and learner ID. It should as-well individualize Resit or Special disquisition if applicable 3. The perfect has to be in PDF and indicated as follows: SURNAME statsMgt2 Ex BOOLAKYstatsMgt2 4. The Pdf perfect must be uploaded in the google classroom and sent to the exams ace on [email protected] QUESTION 1 (15 marks) (a) Narrate a scenario in the province of Finance which could be patterned as a Binomial Distribution.http://studenthome.work/ (Word reckon encircling 150 say) (b) Cause fruits such as wheat, maize, pumpkin are impressible to humidity and thus the aggregate of rainfall. Rainfall levesl can be suitable as : Light, Moderate, Ponderous and Violent. A cause fruit fellow-countryman chronicled his evolution in kg during the elapsed suitablenesss in the immodest irrelative scenarios of rainfall. Furthermore, The meteorological services enjoy honest released the forestall for rainfall for the future suitableness in conditions of reckon of expected days of buoyant ,moderate, ponderous and raging rain. Advise the fruitr on how he can use the aloft knowledge to detail his expected crop in kg of cause fruits. Image by creating a numerical specimen to exhibition the steps and effectings. (Word reckon encircling 150 say) QUESTION 2 (15 marks) A Bank wishes to detail the medium pay of its merit card holders and further specifically wants to summon whether there are any disputeences in the medium pay among males and females. Belief period as a statistical deduction system has been considered to rejoin this extrinsic. You are required to 1. Comment on the select of belief periods as a statistical deduction system for the aloft. https://charteredessay.com/describe-a-scenario2. Narrate how you allure profits to detail the identical belief periods. 3. Explain how you would use belief periods as sign suggesting that in medium males and females pay dispute. Use Numerical specimens to image as and when required. (Word reckon encircling 250 say) QUESTION 3 (15 marks) Simple Straight Retirement segregation is a statistical technique that attempts to study and pattern the straight correlativeness among two changeables for firmness making. You are required to narrate a site (other than the specimens used in disquisition) where a sincere straight retirement segregation has to be applied. In your transcribe up you enjoy to: 1. Provide a scanty setting of the site you are going to appear at. Specifically, why did you select the relative changeable you chose? Indicate the public pattern that you are going to prize. 2. Using a numerical specimen, allot the sincere straight retirement segregation techniques and Present the prized pattern. Bestow an explanation of each of the prized coefficients. Detail the measures of politeness of fit and examine the security of the pattern. (Word reckon: Approximately 250 say) Question 4 A consumer defence Association is watchful encircling the untrue claims of poor sugar full on fine drinks packaging which may untruely bestow consumers a soundness of belief anteriorly they acquisition. According to the consumer cluster, these claims sometimes cogitate the developed nutritional capacity of the prop, further specifically the sugar full is further than the aggregate determined on the cans or bottles. You are required to use the Hypothesis Testing as a statistical deduction system to acceleration the consumer Defence Association to cupel the aloft. Further specifically you enjoy to 1. Narrate and honestify the steps you allure use to complete the extrinsic aloft. Compare the irrelative Statistics that could be used. 2. Using a numerical specimen, allot the steps and critically examine the development of the cupel. (Word reckon: Approximately 250 say)