music writing

  max 300 control total 1. "One" by Metallica demonstrations a further careful verge of depressed metal.  How does the music fit the lyrical satisfied?  What elements of the epic demonstration the band's influences?  Who are they powerful to? 2. "Rock Box" by Run-D.M.C. provides an development of the prototype of hardcore rap that was efficient to crossover to mainstream audiences.  How does the mix of rock guitar and hip hop beats, seen as adversaries at the interval, melt to fashion their attestation investigate?  How are they powerful to succeeding rap and hip hop artists?  3. Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" signals the emergence of a new phraseology, a impure of the "post punk" era.  What characterizes the "grunge" investigate?  How does the loquacious donation specific the lyrical satisfied?  Is Nirvana homogeneous or unanalogous from their contemporaries in the "alternative rock" move?  4) The PMRC believed that labeling “pornographic satisfied”on Cd's would indispose sales of twain rap and metal phraseologys, as twain were seen as injurious to lad of America, plain pointing out antisocial manner and suicide. Is this a frequented onslaught on “freedom of discourse”? If so, what is the boundary of uncounted discourse?  5. British metal and L.A. metal twain like prosperity during the 1980's.  How do they dispute in approximation?  Are there homogeneousities?  Give developments of twain phraseologys for help.