Module 06 Excel Project – Connecting to the Web and Linking it all Together

  It's space for you to equip the developed inferiority of your Excel Project. You procure be adding basis to the difference of you worksheet by creating web queries and hyperlinks to twain meaning and cohere your workbook to the Web. Create a Web Query for each fund to one of the instrument you endow from Module 2. The web queries should be created in a new worksheet or worksheets (rename worksheets gratefully). Link the popular cost for each fund to your pristine abstract worksheet in the shaft "Current Price". By using formulas and/or functions, likeness the popular desert of the funds you purchased in observation to the equality you own gained or obsolete on each cannonade. Show a sum of your portfolio's popular desert. Create a hypercohere from each fund's ticker repute to a website displaying instruction on that detail fund. Format basis gratefully. Remember to strengthen any graded endowment feedback from preceding assignments and resurvey the requirements from Excel Project - Introduction in Module 01. Please acceleration delay my homework! I deficiency it tomorrow ASAP! Please disesteemed my homework from my attachments. You can repress and get instruction from my preceding homework to do my Module 6 Excel Project. Thank you and I appreciate!