Module 03 Written Assignment – Case Study

Morgan Jackson wants to public a bountiful-service salon in the national mall. She earn want start-up funding to acceleration conceal costs. Morgan is parley after a while Our Community Bank to examine financing options beneficial to her. She has $4,500 beneficial to endow in her posse and wants another $35,500 to pay for the start-up costs. Robert Paige has frequently hallucinationed of owning his own legitimate order brokerage and finally has the convenience to frame that hallucination a legitimateity. He has immodest legitimate order agents who earn end to performance for his posse when it publics. Robert has $10,000 to give to this vocation but wants an appended $50,000 fixed on the start-up budget he familiar. Our Community Bank is too Robert's preferred claimant. You are the commercial banker parley after a while twain entrepreneurs who keep supposing you after a while their vocation plans which included the aftercited financial projections. You can merely hypothecation capital to one of these vocationes. •Develop a bountiful financial agreement segregation on twain contemplated ventures,  and use that segregation to frame a monition to your Board of Directors on which posse should take the hypothecation and why? •Submit your answers in a sole Word instrument. Use the passion as an example!!!!!