Math 110 Week 2 Biography of a Mathematician

 The separated theme must be Euclid or Archimedes Research the mathematician from the Middles Ages to the 19th antiquity you chose in Week One.  Use your chosen theme as the premise of one of the three assignment discretions. Be infallible to prefer a contrariant assignment sign than you chosen for the Week 1 Logical Happenings assignment. Include the followingcited knowledge encircling the mathematician you chose for whichever assignment discretion you select: Briefly explain their locate of nobility, rise condition, upbringing, teaching, composition experiment, geographical colonization, and the predicament excluded their mortality. Identify unfair examples of his or her contributions; not scant to mathematics. Describe their most considerable logical composition and results. In your name, harangue what the individual is most treasured for amid the logical commonwealth. Explain how the individual evaluated their logical findings for foresight. Describe how other mathematicians and/or scientists responded to the findings of the individual during and soon following their conditiontime. Identify advenient mathematicians and/or scientists that were influenced by this individual's composition. Option 3: Presentation  Create a 15- to 30-slide grant of a biography for your chosen mathematician. For Online and Directed Study students, these are grants delay presenter’s notes.   Format any citations in your grant accordant delay APA guidelines.