Discussion: How Did They Choose? You may not gain the manifold contrariant ways that fortuneing and voting can be conducted. The naturalness of a voting episode repeatedly determines the idea of fortune. Understanding fortune ideas, the diverse voting methods, and their relationships after a while the voting outcomes reveals the intricacies of the voting regularity. In this Discussion, you accomplish contemplate at contrariant elements of the voting regularity. To fit for this Discussion: Research the voting methods for one of the subjoined: the Heisman Trophy, the Nobel Prize, the Grammy, the Tony, the Emmy, the Pulitzer Prize, or cogitate another episode of your exquisite. Initial Post: By Day 3 Construct a enjoyment consultation for an sselection after a while candidates A, B, and C satisfying one of the subjoined provisions (try and eliminate one that nobody else has performed yet): Candidate {A, B or C} wins using the Borda enumerate method Candidate {A, B or C} wins using the plurality-with-elimination method Candidate {A, B or C} wins using the pairwise similitude method Candidate {A, B or C} wins using the priority vote method