Linux Lab Work

Lab #6 Using the Raspberry Pi and Linux Using Google, ascertain an time on the Internet and interpret about the Raspberry Pi the log into your environment and transcribe me a script that does the aftercited, asks for you highest spectry and definite spectry, performs a ping six times using ping, then performs one ping using fping regular to say a plan is safe, then I absence the program to betray Hello <your spectry> The plan <ip address> is safe (or) not safe, and the URL of the Raspberry Pi time .  Then I absence the program to mail the counsel to me at [email protected]  If you own problems delay this Lab we procure own a likeness at 6:00 pm on Saturday since we procure not be in video conference that day. It is up to you to follow this conference it is not mandatory, but it procure aid you in your assignment Writing Requirements 2-3 pages in elongation  (still overspread page, imageless, and regard roll) Include at smallest two peer reviewed sources that are uprightly cited  APA format, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to full the assignment. Please use the Circumstance Consider Guide as a regard aim for fitness your circumstance consider.