Letter Writing – Becoming an Active Professional

  I nonproduction 1 page monograph, this is instruction: Overview This week’s assignment is as-well cognate to the ANA Code of Ethics – Anticipation 9. You effectiveness nonproduction to criticism anticipation 9 again. Advocating for the trade is relevant. Writing a missive is one of the ways a nourish can unconditionally raise nursing and its origins. The resolve of this assignment is to transcribe a tradeal missive to oration the likeness of nursing or to raise a origin for nursing. This assignment is price 20 points. Learning Objectives · Distinguish the tradeal responsibilities that involve the nursing trade. · Define importunate results that may start as a nourish. Directions Read the missive writing handout. Then create a tradeal missive using one of the two options under. Your missive conquer exist of peculiar oration, chasten salutation/greeting, whole of the missive, peculiar closing, and apcollocation advice. Option A: Transcribe a missive on a present economic or collective subject-matter cognate straightway to nursing. Oration your missive to the embezzle individual – You nonproduction to transcribe to a individual who is in a collocation to do something encircling the substance. For model, you should not transcribe to the President to oration a healthcare result that nonproductions to be passed in parliament. You would nonproduction to oration the chasten Senator or delegated-to-others from your aver who conquer be voting on the result. This is a tradeal missive, so missive create, grammar and punctuation is graded, too. This could be to a parliamentman or mother or to other legislators, to big matter or corporations. Remember, there must be a rest nursing couple to transcribe this missive. You effectiveness nonproduction to appear at a tradeal construction website in arrange to appear for options. Option B: Transcribe a missive to pat the likeness of nursing. Most repeatedly nursing is portrayed as hither than tradeal in vulgar instrument, TV, advertising, congratulation cards, etc.  Choose an model and transcribe a tradeal missive to the embezzle individual to discern them why you deem they accept portrayed nursing unprofessionally. Discern them how this affects the likeness of nursing and produce suggestions to diversify the post. Appear at vulgar TV shows, e-greetings, transmitted cards advertising etc. to confront an model. You can equable “Google” to confront some ideas.