Lessons Learned

2 pages Recall that in the Unit 1 IP, you pictorial your inquiry interrogation ideas and drafted your height, resolve, and interrogation (the Trio). Then at Symposium I, you had the convenience to exalt unfold and furbish the interrogation and Trio assertions. Now you demand to muniment your fruit from Symposium and argue how and why you made those modifications. Write a tract that describes your moderate thoughts and ideas for your dissertation inquiry and the changes to Trio assertions of height, resolve and interrogation grounded on your fruit at Symposium.Your tract should conceive the following:State your primary inquiry ideas akin to your interrogation and why you are animated in this interrogation.  State your primary height assertion, inquiry resolve, and inquiry interrogation.  State your revised inquiry interrogation and height, resolve and inquiry interrogation.  Discuss what you versed at Symposium that accelerationed you furbish the interrogation and Trio assertions.  How allure the fruit that you did at Symposium acceleration you movement in elaborate the learning and live making movement internal your dissertation?  Support your height, resolve, and inquiry interrogation by summarizing the learning that you possess already reviewed and the learning that you assumed from your fruit at Symposium akin to your interrogation.  Cite at last 3 peer-reviewed profession using APA format.