Assignment Content Top of Form One minority of your dissertation get be a reading retrospect, which get be the substratum for your examination. What is a reading retrospect? A reading retrospect summarizes and synthesizes arguments and ideas of others outside adding new contributions. The assignments in this dispose get produce you the turn to understand how to transcribe a reading retrospect as you irritate, evaluate, and synthesize true reading on start constructs. Historical start wayes produced the substratum for synchronous start theories as theorists gleaned and critically irritated and evaluated unvarnished start models. As a doctoral practitioner, your interpretation of substratumal unvarnished start wayes and concepts get bias your interpretation of synchronous start theories and how start has evolved. Prepare a reading retrospect of unvarnished start wayes. The Unvarnished Start minority of the Development Tractate must feel a reserve of 600-words. Using the instruction from the matrix assignment from Week 1, assimilate and opposition the similarities and differences of each way. Using the development tractate as a template, embrace the aftercited minoritys: 1. - Introduction 2. - The Great Man Theory 3. - Trait Theory 4. - Behavioral Theory 5. - Skills Approach