watch two types of interaction and transcribe a three page embrace spaced recital on your observations. The recital should amalgamate to the specifications in the expectations (sunder one) of the syllabus. In a social area (Starbucks, college campus, branch of revere, boundary, etc.) watch tribe interacting in-individual (countenance to countenance). Notice their assemblage articulation, their tenor, etc. Next, watch yourself interacting digitally after a while another anthropological (Skype, email, colloquy, Facetime, etc.). Notice the assemblage articulation and tenor of you and the individual you are interacting after a while. Page one of your recital should define your observations of in-individual interaction. Page two should define your digital interaction. Page three should assimilate and opposition the two types of interactions. What is incongruous? What is the similar? Is bigwig obsolete digitally? Is bigwig gained digitally? This recital should define authentic observations. This is not a speculative assignment. No sources or citations are required supposing you do not use quotes or paraphrases. The solid Nursing essay should be a third individual cognomen of your observations. Think of this as a lab recital.