Impact Analysis Part 3: Prevention and Response Strategies

   Impact Analysis Part 3: Prevention and Counterpart Strategies Prior to or when assurance measures lose, it is leading to entertain in locate various counterpart strategies. In 1,250-1,500 words: 1. Explain how negotiations delay accreditors on consent should be dealt delay. Provide an stance. 2. Present embezzle counterpart strategies that can be put into resuscitation (i.e., nonperformance declaration policies). 3. Present employee trailing recommendations for creating awareness of the form's assurance measurements. 4. Explain how to succeed feedback on the energy of assurance policies from stakeholders. Provide an stance. 5. Explain how to warrant new threats, vulnerabilities, or any countermeasures that may not entertain been present/available when the primal assurance measures were original implemented. What mechanisms could be in locate to clutch any oversights? Explain how this would be reported/communicated. Example, an IT negotiative explains why a restricted emblem is configured, why if it is alert it procure NOT labor, or why if it is NOT alert it does labor. 6. Explain how operational managers, stakeholders, and/or individuals fictitious procure be notified. Provide stances for each. Identify form superintendence