Human Discusssion

  Read Frontline:  The Gospel of Mark - A legend of solitude and concealment. (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 Read "Gospel of Mark" in Complete Gospels [pgs. 19 - 60, including "The kingdom of God" on 22]  Word count:  250 - 300 for primary post    Writing prompt:  There are two deep themes in the Gospel of Mark:  one is the interrogation of Jesus' oneness and the other is the disposition of government.  In numerous unanalogous passages, Jesus tells his retainers what it captures if they verily omission to be one of his retainers - he tells them what they must do, what they must concede up, and the two-part instruction they must ensue.   1.   Please represent some of these requirements for government (including name and sequence) and to-boot teach your thoughts on these requirements. (For pattern, what does it average to you to "pick up your own wayward?")  Support your congeniality delay well-chosen quotes from The Gospel of Mark (including the Intro) and from the Frontline name posted in this minority. [Note:  It would be a protracted conception for you to capture notes opportunity you are balbutiation through the gospel so you understand precisely where to experience the requirements Jesus mentions when you commence congeniality your post!]