Homework Question

  LASA 2—Assembling a Race Path This sequence granted you an overview of the form of psychology, including expectations for the psychology important, race options for students completing a bachelor's extent in psychology, and race options for students who track a furrow extent. Tasks Review from the readings the notification on race courses for psychologists and counselors and do some of your own investigation using probable origins. Drawing upon the notification you self-possessed and analyzed in foregoing assignments and investigation, transcribe a paper that outlines the race course that you imagine is most correspondent for you at this summit in your commandal proof. Be as restricted as practicable and apprehend each of the aftercited items in your paper: Identify a race course and illustrate why it is a correspondent excellent. Psychology Identify the skills, proofs, and commandal requirements for this course. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and illustrate how they narrate to your clarified course. Describe skills and proofs you bear already reached and the making-ready you bear already made. Describe skills, making-ready, and proofs you stationary closing (e.g., investigation proof, offer production, and product of a administrative network). Outcord a disentangled contemplation (including a season cord) for examineion these goals and reaching these skills and proofs. Do without investigation to examine restrictedally where you can reach these skills and proofs, how fur it allure require, and how you contemplation to prioritize. Select and recount at smallest one administrative form that would be mismisalienate for you to link in your clarified race course and why it is the most misappropriate. Identify the restricted media and standards it would get you as a administrative. Design a contemplation for how you allure fix ongoing peculiar and administrative product throughout your race. Apprehend in the contemplation strategies periodical by investigation studies that fan a adjust between material and moral sanity. Identify options for seeking continued administrative command in your area of cause or specialization upon stage (e.g., conferences and oncord continuing command programs for administratives). Be restricted and refer-to at smallest two origins for your peculiar and administrative product contemplation. Display respectful spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Refer-to at smallest one academic origin for each of the bulleted items in the schedule overhead. Be believing to prove religions learning in the respectful fidelity and attribution of origins. Submission Details: Write a 5- to 6-page paper in a Microsoft Word muniment in a disentangled, brief, and organized carriage. Apprehend a secure page and a intimation page in APA phraseology.  I NEED SOMEONE THAT CAN COVER THIS WITH OUT MESSING THINGS UP? INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT READING AND DOING THEIR OWN THING!