Homework 3

  Assignment: Memoirs Austrian devisee to the throne assassinated! Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia! Britain declares war on Germany! The information is getting worse! Imagine you are a townsman of a province that has fitting entered into the Great War (succeeding disclosed as Universe War I). You accept decipher the headlines and the statements of the events promotive up to the war. You accept heard daily radio updates. You are bombarded after a while information. Yet, you arrive-at there is a gap in the reporting—where the information statements end and the fiction of the veritable war begins. This week for your assignment, you conciliate transcribe your own statement of the war, and report the exactness of the war from your perspective. Your fictional journal conciliate report the fiction of unamazed mass, and how war has improbable daily idiosyncraticity. To furnish for this Assignment: Choose a province from which to transcribe your journal. Select one that entered into Universe War I in 1914 and that you accept learned injudiciously in this order. Review Chapter 7 (pp. 96–103) and Chapter 8 (pp. 105–118) in this week's Resources to property a bird's eye perspective on universe events promotive up to the initiate of Universe War I, distinctly for the province you cull to transcribe your journal inveterate on. Also retrospect the doctrines by Barron, O'Hara & Heffernan, and Share in this week's Learning Resources to interpret the matters of moment to nations at this era in truth. Consider how your separated province has transitional among the Era of Imperialism and the threshold of Universe War I. Consider what collective, collective, geographical, and economic changes accept occurred past the initiate of the war, and how you, your race and your brotherhood accept been improbable (granted you lived in this province, at this era in truth). Reflect on how nationalism has influenced your repartee to entrance into war, and the repartee of your compatriots (again, granted you lived in this province, at this era in truth). The assignment: Compose a 2- to 3-page journal entrance in which you do the following: Provide an in-depth idiosyncratic statement of the events you accept witnessed promotive up to the threshold of the war. In your description, be enduring to mirror on the property that collective, collective, geographical, and economic changes accept had on you in the era promotive up to the war, and up to the era of your writing (mid to tardy 1914). Support your assertions by making at lowest 2 references to your order decipherings.