History Essay

this tract your lesson is to collate and contrariety the kinsfolk betwixt women in the lives of Bethany Veney and Celia. Specifically, what aspects of women's lived experiences one them and which separated them and why? Specifically, rendezvous on the kinsfolk betwixt smitten women (as children, women, mothers, and "mammys") and stainless women. You sway scantiness to deduce the varying degrees of restrain the women had aggravate their own lives, whether smitten or operating. How ample anarchy or restrain did Newsom's daughters or the stainless women in the Veney truth enjoy among their own lives and families? How ample restrain did Veney or Celia or other smitten women enjoy? In what ways did Veney and Celia inquire to restrain what happened to them, to form their own destinies? Were either of them fortunate or insufficiently fortunate? Where do we see stainless/operating women assisting or abetting (or not abetting) smitten women? In your essay, content desert summarizing the truths but, rather, rendezvous on peculiar details/moments in the readings to subsistence your claims.  Word reckon should be environing 800-900 expression.  Fortunate essays conquer tally to the conventions of measure written English embezzle to the lesson of answerableness in an academic contrast and use fit extract format [in-text parenthetical extracts at the end of the doom, e.g. (Ulrich 22)]. A music environing extract: A is-sue cited page is not required for this tract, however, I enjoy middle adown the MLA extract format for the two readings.  Parenthetical extracts are required.  Fit format for these is adown as polite. Work Cited: Linder, David O. "Celia, A Slave Trial (1855)." Famous Trials, http://www.famous-trials.com/celia. Accessed day month year. Veney, Bethany. The Truth of Bethany Veney, A Slave Woman. Boston, MA: Geo. H. Ellis, 1889. Documenting the American South. 1997. University Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Accessed <day month year>. <http://docsouth.unc.edu/fpn/veney/veney.html>. In Text: (Linder, <section indicate, stipulation number>)