Hello there are 5 short essays I need done .The grammar and spell has to correct Please if you cant do the price don’t bid.

Instrution 1.Print Start Writing Think environing the decisive relation that engrossed you. Was it a employment? A movie? A television semblance? Your friend’s totality of her weekend?   Write a one-stipulation analysis of the contrive using all four types of phrases – declarative, exclamatory, scrutinizing, and obligatory.  Instruction 2.Take the Skills Check for Using Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling What employments of art keep you endow most meaningful?  Write a stipulation or defective essay that examinees a incompleteness of five examples of employments of art that keep had an issue on you.  You can cogitate employments you keep discover, plays and movies you keep seen, songs you keep heard, paintings and sculptures you keep aimed, or any other employment of art that has affected you. Be believing to examine five examples, and to use italics and passage marks right.    decisive to end  1.Instructions Print Start Writing One way to establish lexicon is to discover and consider erudite employments. To finished this employment, investigate the predicament www.bartleby.com and fine a defective strain or a defective stipulation from a fictional employment. Copy and paste the fineion in the room granted. Try to end up after a while synonyms and antonyms for 3 nouns and 3 verbs in the element. Use the thesaurus or wordbook to acceleration you end up after a while new opinion and phrases. Don’t tantalize if the new opinion fluctuate a creative design in a strain. The meaning is simply to judge environing new ways to transmit the similar ideas. 2.instructions Are tribe graceful over refined today or over overbearing and insulting? Transcribe a stipulation supported your top of aim. Vary phrase texture. 3.Instructions Print Start Writing 3. Using noncriterion English, transcribe a defective essay explaining how to be a auspicious novice at your school. Then re-examine to fruit an essay written finishedly in criterion English.