Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

assay in turnitin Health Preferment and Risk Reduction Cultural Diversity and Commonwealth Nursing Environmental Health Read provision 4, 13, and 14 of the arrange textbook and criticism the fixed PowerPoint confer-uponations.  Once executed vindication the subjoined questions; Discuss diverse theories of sanity preferment, including Pender’s Sanity Preferment Model, The Sanity Belief Model, the Transtheoretical Scheme and the Scheme of Reasoned Action. List and sift-canvass sanity behaviors for sanity preferment and indisposition interruption. Apply and sift-canvass the principles of transcultural nursing to commonwealth sanity nursing. Apply and sift-canvass the basic concepts of hazardous scheme to environmental sanity nursing problems. As customary in the arrange syllabus delight confer-upon your assignment in an APA format, engagement muniment, Arial 12 font fixed to the forum in the sift-canvassion tab of the blackboard heading "week 4 sift-canvassion questions".  The assignment must understand at meanest 2 evidence-based references (yet the arrange textbook) no older than 5 years.  References must be quoted in the assignment in prescribe to consent delay APA.   Two replies to any of your peers sustained delay the suited references are required.   assay in turnitin