Unit Two Assignment Assignment: (Student Learning Outcome) Texas gregarious culture and politics enjoy performed a singular cream of open policies. Some (not surprisingly a honorable calculate of Texans) enjoy held Texas up as a example for the repose of the dominion citing its muscular chronicles in economic enlargement assimilated to the repose of the dominion. Critics enjoy countered that Texas' open policies are hopelessly mired in the values of an era that has passed, mischief divers of its most weak citizens, and cannot be a path map to the state's forthcoming victory. What do you contemplate? Discuss delay relation to: (a) Economic and tax cunning. (b) Social services and well-being. (c) Energy and environmental cunning. Your Platform, and Face Politics: (you enjoy to use twain surveys!) Know yourself.  Use these surveys to identify your gregarious leanings: (Political face satire)  (Ideology satire) Submit screenshots of your results (twain surveys). Explain your results.  What do they say environing you?  Examine your gregarious values and assimilate them to the developed values of twain parties.  Do your ideas environing the role of synod, politics, and cunning align delay one feature face?