Geographic Crime Analysis

The instruct staff has approached you in-reference-to how best to distribute media in direct to contract felony in sundry worsts. Go to the Chicago felony map ( and selecteded immodest “beats” that are in contrariant space of the city. In the “Optional” settings, click on “Index”- More Serious Offenses. Selected immodest types of felony that you get be comparing for each of the immodest “beats”. From that facts for each “beat”, collate the worsts, and mention the main quantity of each of the immodest types felonys for each worst, including the main and smallest quantity by month. Create a chart to mitigate this facts. Create a Memo delay the chart embedded, to the instruct staff that summarizes the resolution of your findings in-reference-to the similarity of the sundry types of felonys in the immodest worsts. In the memo, illustrate to the instruct staff everything that he might insufficiency to understand to reach the best resolution. Assistance your resolution delay Research. Be knowing to mention three to five apt versed sources in assistance of your full.