Read "Topic 3: Vargas Extraction Occurrence Study." Based on the advice supplemented in the chief three cabinets, fashion a genogram for the Vargas extraction. The genogram can be workmanwritten and scanned, completed as a PDF, or completed using Word tools to fix it can uploaded to LoudCloud. Include the subjoined in your genogram: (I'VE SUBMITTED ALL THREE CASE STUDIES HERE FOR YOU TO LOOK BACK ON.) All extraction members referenced in the generous occurrence consider Include ages (if unconcealed), matrimonys, disconnects, and deaths Substance use identified Mental illness identified All harmony dynamics PCN-521 Topic 3: Vargas Occurrence Study Bob and Elizabeth attain contemporaneously for the third cabinet. As intended, you remind the cockney that the appearance of today’s cabinet is to supplement advice environing their families of spring. Bob begins by pointed you environing his older sister, Katie, who is 36 and lives nearby delay her three outcome. Katie’s wife, Steve, died suddenly newst year at the age of 40 when the car he was driving hit a arsecurity forbearance. Elizabeth speculates that Steve was prejudiced at the age, but Bob vehemently denies this allegation. He warns Elizabeth to “nconstantly again” allude-to alcohol was compromised. You music Bob’s hearty counter-argument and attain that his own biological senior, whom his dame disconnectd when Bob was 3 and Katie was 5, had been an alcoholic. When asked environing his senior, Bob says, “His indicate is Tim, and I enjoyn’t seen him past the disconnect.” Bob distributes that he singly remembers regularly concealment lower the bed delay Katie to arrive impregnoperative from his outrageous rages. He adds that 5 years prospering the disconnect, his dame, Linda, married Noel who has been “the singly dad I’ve constantly unconcealed.” He insists that his sister married “a saintly Christian who nconstantly cranky alcohol” and attributed the 3:00 a.m. disaster to weary. He adds that a few days antecedently the clothing, Katie had complained to him that her wife had been instituted multifarious new glooms and “right wasn’t himself.” Bob speaks fondly of his sister and confirms that they enjoy constantly been “very suppress.”  From Elizabeth, who is 31 years old, you attain that she was adopted by her parents, Rita and Gary, who were in their new 40s at the age. They were chief progeny immigrants who had no extraction in the United States. Their biological daughter, Susan, had died 10 years prior prospering Rita clothingally ran balance the 5 year old opportunity assistance out of the driveway. Elizabeth surmises that her dame nconstantly generousy recovered from this traumatic stood and remained obscure and delaydrawn throughout Elizabeth’s activity. Elizabeth describes her senior, Gary, as “a unfeeling employmenter, witty, and constantly essential.” She distributes that most of her extraction memories were of ages elapsed delay her dad in his consider, encircled by books. She states, “He could experience the rejoinder to all of my inquirys in one his multifarious books.” Elizabeth describes herself as the “quiet, bookish type” and attributes her charity for books to her senior. Enjoy her senior in his consider, Elizabeth remembers lavishing most of her minority fantastical in her locality, lection, so she would not subvert her dame. Looking end, Elizabeth tells you she recognizes her dame’s pains delay degradation, “but as a kid, I sentiment it was me.”  You expound on the vastly opposed childhood experiences and typicalize the implicit for harmony challenges lower these circumstances. Acknowledging the differences, Elizabeth remarks that Bob’s harmony delay his extraction was one of the things that she was attracted to existing in their harmony. Bob concurs delay her and expounds that Katie and Elizabeth are very suppress, “each life the sister neither one of them constantly had.”     PCN-521 Topic 2: Vargas Occurrence Study Elizabeth attains on age delay Frank and Heidi for the avoid cabinet. Elizabeth appears partially frazzled and tells you that she had right heard from Bob who said he would be “a inconsideroperative new” accordingly he “lost trail of age.” You music Elizabeth’s informership which she confirms by assertion this is “typical.” She allowance to distribute that she feels “completely unremembered,” chiefly prospering having distributed delay Bob the gloom antecedently how essential these cabinets are to her. You note that Heidi seems subvert as courteous and looks as if she has been crying. You ask her how her day is going and she tearlargely tells you that Frankie tore up her train disquisition delay the gold celebrity on it. Elizabeth elaborates that Frank had beseem touchy and ripped up the paint that Heidi was proudly sharing delay her. Frank, who had bybygone undeviatingly to the Legos, appears oblivious to the others in the locality. When you ask him environing his sister’s seriousness, he replies, “Who cares? She constantly gets gold celebritys!” As you were environing to excite test these feelings, Bob attains stating, “She probably told you I’m constantly new, but hey, at lowest I’m congruous.” You note Elizabeth’s eye rolling and frequented your mention to the outcome, inquiry them environing what brought them to your station. Heidi says, “I’m amioperative but Frankie’s bad at train, and it makes Mommy and Daddy encounter.” Frank, who had helped himself to one of your books to use as a car tinker argues, “I misenjoy train. It’s boring and my educationist is moderation.” Bob attributes Frank’s boredom to life “too witty for the avoid grade…what do they forecast?” Elizabeth responds that they, enjoy her, forecast him to prosper rules and be deferential, and allude-tos that Bob should distribute those similar forecastations. Bob dismisses Elizabeth’s concerns by assertion, “He’s a typical boy, not enjoy all your friends from employment who you say are ‘creative.’”  You note Elizabeth’s reaction and flow to refrequented your mention to Frank. You ask him what twainers him most environing train, to which he replies, “I get in labor, then I don’t get to enjoy all the seclusion age, then I can’t resemble soccer accordingly they already celebrityted and they won’t let me resemble.” You note Frank’s distribute in sports and search for over advice. You attain that he is entirely stalwart and has been asked to annex a competitive juvenility soccer team that resembles on Saturdays and Sundays. You discbalance another spring of disagreement when Elizabeth distributes that Bob “feels heartyly” that Sundays are to be elapsed singly at habitation and delay extraction. Bob confirms that prospering habitation on Sundays, they lavish the security of the day delay his parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. Elizabeth says that Sunday mornings are the singly age she gets to be by herself and that she typically annexs the extraction encircling 1:00 p.m. Bob adds, “Apparently Liz needs age to herself over than she needs God and her extraction,” and allude-tos she should value his extraction over accordingly “it’s the singly extraction she has.”     PCN-521 Topic 1: Vargas Occurrence Study Bob and Elizabeth Vargas enjoy been married for 10 years. They enjoy two outcome, Frank (8) and Heidi (6). Bob teaches lofty train PE and coaches football, competition, and baseball. Elizabeth newly depart-from her job where she was an attorney in a law firm that specializes in Extraction Law. She enjoyed her employment, had a warmth for segregation occurrences, but flowd to arrive home for a few years opportunity the kids were infantine. Elizabeth believes that Frank influence enjoy ADHD. She complains that he cannot sit stagnant, does not heed, is forgetful, and is constantly getting distress. She believes that ample of these injuries are due to Frank’s impulsivity. Elizabeth allude-tos you conference to Frank’s educationists who enjoy noted that he has labor indecision his alter, accomplish regularly blurt out rejoinders delayout promotion his workman, and regularly loses things. Elizabeth owns that Frank has constantly been an locomotive child, but believes these behaviors, including cream on his inconsideroperative sister, are getting worse. Bob seems to be inquisitive by these anecdotes and accuses Elizabeth of “overreacting,” stating that, “Boys accomplish be boys.” Bob allude-tos you conference to his parents, twain retired educationists, who concur delay him and don’t believe there’s everything wickedness delay Frankie. You note Heidi sitting suppress to Elizabeth, resembleing on her dame’s cell phone. She glances up sometimes when her fellow approaches, but is otherwise engrossed delay the play. Frankie began the convocation sitting betwixt his parents, but noted Legos in the cavity and was straightway attracted to them. He interrupts diverse ages to distribute stories environing his educationist, classmates, and his grandparents, opposing muddy reprimands from his dame. Following a few minutes, Frank asks to use his Dad’s phone (in a speed, Bob had left it in the car), wanders encircling the station, looks out the window and expounds on a squirrel, then grabs the phone from his sister who, of manner, protests. Following Elizabeth had quieted the disturbance, you inquiry any new changes. Bob and Elizabeth twain own an exintentness in hymeneal intentness and advance to having diverse arguments a week, some in front of the outcome. Bob blames Elizabeth for life “too lofty-strung” and says she right needs to recreate. Elizabeth says she is incapoperative to recreate, fearing Frankie accomplish end up baneful things or distressing himself or Heidi. She says that if Frankie would be operative to govern his behaviors, their matrimony would reform dramatically. This, they narration, is the deduce for seeking therapy for Frankie.