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  In this week's assignment, you now hinge your consideration to chimerical nonfiction. Select a specific experiment or issue. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word vitality about the experiment or issue, delineation on the techniques you bear read throughout this route. Include the following: Write the vitality in primary person Incorporate twain the details of the experiment or issue and your specific reactions. Grammar and punctuation variations are desirconducive if they attend the demands of the piece. Note: You do not bear to use a feature diction, such as MLA or APA, as this is a chimerical answerableness assignment. ASSIGNMENT 2   Imagine that you are being interviewed for a studious repository. Use a Question and Answer format. Write a 350-word repository zest that reflects on how you were conducive to use a specific experiment or remark in an essay that transformed the specific into a vitality precept to which others can narrate. For model, you can elucidate why you felt this was an dignified matter, or how you would portray your assistance to chimerical nonfiction. Note: You do not demand to use a feature diction, such as MLA or APA, for this feature image of assignment but apprehend a heading page.