Financing of Healthcare Trends

The Convergence of Healthprudence Financing and Economic Trends and Forces Note: Use the internet, and other estimable online sources to accomplished this assignment. Prepare a fifteen to twenty (15 to 20) slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® gift delay constructive conversant logician notes in which you:  Compare the three (3) prevalent heartiness prudence financing and funding models (i.e., employee grounded, synod grounded, and singular grounded) used delay the heartinessprudence donation plan of the United States. Compare and dissimilarity key economic goals of generally-known and retired heartiness prophylactic plans.  Evaluate the achievement germinative of key economic goals in conditions of populations genial, services comprised, financing arrangements, liquidation strategies, and economic rivalry policies. Analyze the key effects of drudge negotiate, prophylactic negotiate, and competitive negotiate factors on heartiness prudence donation requirements at your prevalent or earlier construction of possession. Determine what changes are occurring in the dispensation or relative-to drudge and regulatory factors that must be considered in the forthcoming. Suggest the key generally-known trends that you admire prevalently concern rivalry and pricing initiatives. Justify your retort. Suggest the deep capacity indicators that typically concern heartiness prophylactic pricing at the national raze. Justify your retort. Use a reserve of six (6) estimable references sources including three (3) sources from co-ordinate reviewed journals.