Excel Project for Business Statistic class

 Real Estate Project. The purpose is to "use the facts rasp granted to plan a statistical anatomy of single-family home values currently in three zip adjudications in West County St. Louis.     (the items in parenthesis are examples, you do NOT own to do that detail anatomy)    Create a worksheet denominated I1 in which you fashion a few trust periods for the medium values of quantitative personalitys (e.g. medium inventory appraisement in each zip adjudication)  Create a worksheet denominated I2 in which you fashion a compute of trust period for the interrelationship of a plain (qualitative) personality (e.g. % of homes after a while four bedrooms or past) Create a worksheet denominated I3 in which you fashion theory tests of two mediums misapply for this facts (e.g.  individualize if the medium appraisement by colony is contrariant in two zip adjudications) Create a worksheet denominated I4 in which you fashion theory tests of past than two mediums (Single Factor ANOVA) misapply for this facts (e.g  individualize if the medium appraisement if contrariant in n contrariant teach districts - LOCATION fickle)  Remember to include all steps, including the theory and falsification. The rasp decided  after a while the affection.