Directions: Choose ONE of the aftercited essay prompts and transcribe a two page reply. Make firm to brainstorm and proofread. 1.  A rise heirloom is an divorce that may or may not bear monetary prize, but is passed through the generations in prospects that rise members conquer conduct-safe the divorce. From a hand-made criminality handed down through the generations, to your mother’s nuptials clothes, to a tome or faction of jewelry, numerous families bear divorces that are eespecial and cannot be sold at any worth. How did you succeed to enjoy it? Why do you conduct it?  For this essay, narrate an heirloom that you prevention environing. 2.  Many individuals contribute to defy the unwritten peculiaration of “family”. The prevalent effigy of a rise consists of two parents and their posterity (sometimes a pet is middle), which is named the “nuclear rise”. In your impression, what is the unwritten peculiaration of rise and does your rise tally that peculiaration? Has your rise created a new peculiaration of rise? May-be you are from a divorced rise, or your grandmother high-minded you, or may-be you bear a best acquaintance who is relish a brother or a sister to you. Narrate what your rise constituency is relish and what makes your rise uncommon. 3.  Describe a lays your rise holds. Who afloat the lays and why is it considerable to your rise? Do you prospect to practise that lays after a while your instant or advenient rise? What is your jewel divorce environing the lays? Consideration of the production lays could comprise a peculiar asceticism, a idleness religious, a birthday solemnization, a holiday, etc. Why is this lays a divorce of your rise? Is there someone in your rise who you bear never met, but you would relish to tour end in duration to converge? Do your rise members pointed that you observe relish, or concession someone in your rise who you do not apprehend? Think environing your rise tree and who in your rise made an impression through the generations