First shaft due Wednesday anteriorly 11:59pm CST and follow-up shafts due anteriorly Friday 11:59pm CST of week three. Write a 100-word shaft and replication to two peers delay acceptances of 50 tone each. (Note: You can employment afore and transcribe your earliest shaft precedent so that you possess space supporterior to accord to other peers)  For this discourse, you get revisal a specimen SafeAssign report that the coaches/instructors see delay each assignment yielding. Your labor is to scrutinize whether or not Timothy Sunny betrothed in an academic honor permutation naturalized on the criteria of the UTA Honor Code and the assignment criteria.  Here is Timothy's SafeAssign report: Timothy Sunny SafeAssign.pdf  You get deficiency to shaft a chief acceptance desert 25 points (delay a stint of 100 tone) that answers the question: "In your idea, did Timothy Sunny's employment demonstration an academic honor permutation? Why or why not? Defend your acceptance delay prop." After you've shafted your chief shaft, you get deficiency to follow up with two different peers delay detached acceptances, winning delay your peers on their shafts.  Grading: 20 total points First shaft = 10 points Responses (2) to peers = 5 points each  No points get be awarded for missing/late shaft/response.