DISCUSSION TOPIC: 2 pages Suppose assemblage A has harmonious remunerated $2 in dividends and assemblage B harmonious remunerated $2.50 in dividends; which assemblage do you opine earn keep a higher accumulation worth? These are known discourse subjects. Do Not opine of these subjects as questions you must defense.  The forum is meant for you to specific your literature, what questions and conclusions you keep. Do not go to some websites and vision and paste. You must transcribe in your own suffrage and  must unfold cheerful understanding of the discourse concepts. Use your literature this week to adduce your analytical skills in appoint to advance your literature. You must not believe entibelieve on the references. Most of the gait earn follow from your own thoughts, understanding, and separation of the discourse subject.  You must frequently accord by College Academic Integrity device, and you  must acquiesce succeeding a while  APA rule rules by providing in-citation and end-of citation citations (including wrap quotations) and references charmed from any sources. Failure to acquiesce succeeding a while  APA rule earn producer a contraction in your gait. Any shaft succeeding the highest shaft due date may not be gaitd.