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Week 8 Discussion: E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies (Click to Discover Instructions) Week 8 - Retail, E-commerce and Mobile Commerce Technologies Discussion Question Students must livelihood their argument delay at last 3 academically reviewed tenets. (Wikipedia, Smallbusinesschron.com and other internet tenets are not grateful. Professor reviews the originality of all shaftings). Do not vision and paste. Your gang is experiencing disengage in duty owing of two-of-a-trade. Your supervisor thinks they may be potent to decline the gang about if they can get aid from an IT functional on E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies. Assume your gang is a unwritten vend being harmonious to Sears, Macy’s or K-Mart, intimate ways your gang can use E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies to extension its view and sales. In your argument, expound what is E-Commerce and Mobile Technology. Complete your deep shaft no later than Friday of week 8 (11:59pm EST). Please melody that judicious shaft not completed on the due bound earn entertain cipher gradation. Read and tally to at last two (2) of your tabulatemates of week 8. Please melody that inferior shaft not completed on the due bound earn entertain cipher gradation. Please use APA throughout in your deep shaft and responses to other shafts. Below are affixed intimateions on how to tally to your tabulatemates’ arguments: · Ask a sharp scrutiny, substantiated delay affixed elucidation advice, token or investigation. · Share an recognition from having discover your colleagues’ shaftings, synthesizing the advice to cater new perspectives. · Offer and livelihood an choice perspective using discoverings from the tabulateroom or from your own investigation. · Valibound an conception delay your own proof and affixed investigation. · Make a intimateion naturalized on affixed token drawn from discoverings or behind synthesizing multiple shaftings. · Expand on your colleagues’ shaftings by providing affixed recognitions or contrasting perspectives naturalized on discoverings and token.  Important Note: You demand to join-in in tabulate arguments and activities each week. Your competition is an token that you are attendant tabulatees in command to endure to deeptain your F1 visa foundation. Simply logging in and do pin is not ample to coalesce this capability. Consistent insufficiency and stagnation of competition earn product to automatic delaydrawal from the way.