discussion question

To Prepare:  Review this week’s Learning Resources on the behaviorist perspective and elegant and operant conditioning. Pay feature circumspection to the signification of the provisions in each mark of conditioning. Elegant conditioning provisions apprehend: UCS (outright spur), UCR (outright vindication), NS (indifferent spur), CS (conditioned spur), CR (conditioned vindication). Operant conditioning provisions apprehend fixed reinforcers, and indirect reinforcers, and punishers. Select one conditioning advance and use it to purpose a management to allay coarse. Operationalize the characteristics of your management. For in, if you separated the elegant advance, demonstrate which aspects of your management play the UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR.  If you separated the operant advance, demonstrate which aspects (or operants) of your management play fixed reinforcers, indirect reinforcers, and/or punishers. By Day 4 Post a vindication to the following: Describe the conditioning advance you separated. Explain how you used this advance to demonstrate a management to allay coarse. Following your subjection management, operationalize the characteristics of your management according to the conditioning course you chose, such as UCS, UCR, NS, CS, CR for elegant conditioning; and fixed reinforcers, indirect reinforcers, punishers for operant conditioning.