D4 (4284)

Please transcribe a two stipulation discourse by using one allusion from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years and    course textbook: ISBN: 978-0-13-295631-4  Tabloski, P. (2014). Gerontological Nursing (3rd Ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Health Science. APA is required.   Maria Johnson is an RN who graduated from an ally quantity program 3 years ago. Several months ago, she reliable a lie as an confederate master of nursing at a desire order preservation pliancy. She enjoys her job and feels that she has gained an interpretation of desire order preservation.  Today, Ms. Johnson is invited to a discourse after a while the master of nursing and the nursing residence administrator. She is known that the master of nursing is surrendering and asked to appropriate the lie. Ms. Johnson expresses some vacillate environing her force to expand the role but she is systematic that they possess been reflective after a while her product and creed she is choice of discourse the demands of the lie. She is told that the exoteric master of nursing achieve orient her to the role during the instant 2 weeks precedently she departs. In enumeration, she is told that she achieve entertain a true hire extension and possess a Monday-through-Friday productweek.  What are some of the realities that Ms. Johnson should attend precedently deciding on the advancement? How can Ms. Johnson individualize if she is competent to sanction the lie? What are the benefits and risks to Ms. Johnson if she sanctions the lie? What are the benefits and risks to the pliancy if she sanctions the lie?