Criminal procedure assignment

you procure be analyzing three unanalogous contingently plights. Please reply the topics for each plight in total sentences, delay fair spelling, phraseology and punctuation. Each reply should be at meanest 3-4 paragraphs in diffusiveness, and comprise reasons for your replys. Please arrange citations to plights if you arrive-at it is ineviconsideration to amply reply the topic. Case One A police conductor who works neighboring a topical airport observes a car speeding on the highway leading into the airport. He stops the car and approaches the conveyance, where he sees a man alone in the driver’s fix and his suitplight in the tail fix. The itinerant is perspiration dispersed, and keeps objected the conductor he is in a speed to lay-hands-on a disappearance. The conductor asks the itinerant if he can inquiry his luggage, and the man says yes. When the conductor unzips the bag and starts the inquiry, the man changes his belief and says no. At that object, the conductor concessions the bag unzipped but quiescent laying on the tail fix where the variation are not observable. He calls for another conductor to produce a refuse competition dog to the locality. The other conductor and the dog get designated to a more immediate inquiry and don’t show. The itinerant asks to concession, which the conductor says is ok, but he won’t let him siege his bag. The itinerant refuses to lay-hands-on his flatten, and asks for an advocate. Analyze this plight from twain the itinerant’s and the police conductor’s perspective. What lawful hues are at manifestation? Have any of them been violated? Case Two A police conductor observes a motor residence driving erratically down a main street at 10:00 a.m. She is unquiet that the driver may be adulterated by alcohol or refuses. When the conductor approaches the driver’s margin of the conveyance, the window is down and she can effluvium a solid marijuana fragrance. She too observes two other nation in the conveyance, a mother in the front fix and a man in the average of the variable residence sitting at a consideration. She too observes a manifest ductile bag on the consideration delay a colorless powdery be delayin. What can the conductor do next domiciled on these facts? Be local in your reply. Case Three The Patriot Act, as originally passed and amended, significantly increased the ability of law enforcement to use inquiry and surveillance procedures in the exploration of activities in the United States in the share of general safety and preventing terrorism. One eatables of the Act, Section 213, is unreserved as the “sneak and peek” eatables. The eatables arranges law enforcement delay warrants to invade a doubt’s family, and behold for archives on their specific computers, delayout notifying the doubt a inquiry has occurred. This eatables has too been used to summon crimes other than terrorism, such as refuse and deprivation plights. Evaluate the pros and cons of this law, and apprehend in your segregation the lawful eatabless that are affected.