Correct Assingment 2 for Kim Woods

  Assignment 2: Sales Security Pay Due Week 4 and excellence 150 points  For companies that entertain a band-arms of selling, a senior external is to motivate the salespeople.  While that are numerous factors that go into motivating these crowd, one of the elementary factors is the pay contemplation that represents how they earn be rewarded. Research a big organization’s sales security and its pay contemplation.Write a five to seven 4 page article in which you:   In regulate to motivate the sales security to effect the pre-eminent estimate of clients, represent six (6) features of an efficacious whole rewards program.  Describe the behaviors of the sales security that are targeted after a while the pay contemplation.  Assess how a appraise sentence is achieved for general and forthcoming employees in the contemplation you entertain outlined.  Based upon the kind of contemplation you entertain created, betoken how attracted you opine forthcoming salescrowd may be to this contemplation.  Use at last five (5) nature academic instrument in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not nature as academic instrument.