which of these concepts and skills you reach are going to be of principal swing on your forthcoming.    Which of these concepts would keep been indeed advantageous to apprehend in the late?  What would it keep alterable? (prefer 1)  1. Use the rational-actor paradigm, realize problems, and then fix them. 2. Use benefit-cost partition to evaluate decisions. 3. Use final partition to find size (how ample) decisions. 4. Find useful cannonade and shut-down decisions. 5. Set optimal appraisements and appraisement dissimilate. 6. Predict industry-level changes using claim and furnish partition. 7. Understand the long-run forces that erode profitability. 8. Develop long-run strategies to growth decided treasure. 9. Predict how your own actions accomplish swing other people’s actions. 10. Bargain effectively. 11. Find decisions in fitful environments. 12. Solve the problems caused by ideal peril and counteractive gathering. 13. Motivate employees to fruit in the decided’s best interests. 14. Motivate divisions to fruit in the best interests of the fabricator concourse. 15. Manage perpendicular relationships delay upstream suppliers or downstream customers.