Command and Control Architecture

  Now that you enjoy scrutinized the manifold unmanned rule C3 architectural sketch features and their associated elements, you should be potent to parallel and contrariety via separation the unanalogous technologies filled by the unanalogous operational domains (air, reason, nautical). Think of the deltas among the unanalogous domains and how those differences application the use of unmanned rules from multiple perspectives, coerce, protection, civilized factors, system, etc. Your rejoinder should grasp your separation of two domains (air vs reason, air vs nautical, or reason vs nautical) and how the C3 structure is twain niggardly and yet rare among the two unanalogous domains. Areas that you may scantiness to scrutinize could grasp any consortment of the adown elements or others that you confirm.  Uniqueness among 2 unanalogous domains: Environment (ex: air, impart, mountain, sand …) Communication Links Command and Coerce Strategies Commonalities among 2 unanalogous domains Control Systems (ex: GCS, GUI …) Remote Vehicle (ex: UAV, UGV, UUV)