CMGT/557 Data Leadership Briefing

Background:  You accept been paid by a consulting stable. Your job is to is-sue delay clients on advancing the use of technology in regulate to fashion a competitive habit.  You accept been chosen by a client who specializes in web bud. Specifically, this association provides web bud services to other companies despite abundant industries.  The client is not unquestioning how to proceeding their office or how to receive their office to the instant plane. The client has been diligent is-sueing and intricate to elevate a customer corrupt. The client has had no space to inquiry or observe available discussion in web bud technologies. The commencement team of the web bud association has heard a lot environing Big Facts of-late and is spirited in discerning how integrating Big Facts into their association conciliate succor them grace over serviceable in their operations. Assignment Details: As a consulting overseer, you accept been asked by the client to provide a 4-6 page commencement briefing muniment. The muniment must enclose the following: Describe what Big Facts is, Identify how Big Facts can be used by the web bud association, Explain why using big facts is leading to profitability in general Identify how Big Facts conciliate specifically add estimate and profitability for the web bud association Discuss the facts skillful-treatment concepts of facts warehousing, facts mining, and facts processing, Compare and dissimilarity tools and methodologies that can be used to excellent, transfigure, and train big facts for the web bud association, and Recommend the tools and methodologies that would be best for the web bud association. Your briefing muniment should: Be 4-6 pages in tediousness, save appellation and intimation pages Include a justly formatted appellation page and intimation page, Be double-spaced, delay 12-point font bigness, 1”margins (top, ground, just, left), and Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier font. Include plane one and plane two headings Include at meanest two academic and/or exchange narrative sources, delay justly formatted in-text citations and a justly formatted intimation page. Submit your assignment. Note: If it makes it easier for you, you are grateful to excellent a real-world web bud association and use that as the foundation for this assignment.