choose three questions and answer it by 10 sentences for each question

The balbutiation embodied for this week can be forced to captivate. However, we neglect to suffer voucher to the atrocities of the spent and the choices fellow-creatures made. This is sunder of architecture literal sensation so that our give is over apprised.   The film Night and Fog is optional viewing this week. However, if you can husband it, gladden observe it. You can concession it out of your discourse for doubt #2, but conciliate scarcity to observe it if you neglect to confutation doubt #3. 1) Compare and opposition the speeches made by Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle in 1940. Remember that twain of these countries were imperialist and maintained colonial ties. How do Churchill and de Gaulle use the expression of rule and nationalism in their speeches? Cite at last one sample. Do you experience their speeches enlivening or not? Explain. 2) Compare and opposition Hitler’s Mein Kampf after a while Anne Franke’s Diary, and the (optional) film Night and Fog. Describe samples of fascism and anti-Semitism that control to dehumanization. What are the dangers and consequences of fascist and anti-Semitic expression, such as Hitler's depiction of Jews? What actions are captivaten opposite them to effect them appear near civilized?  Why do you judge societies sanction the dehumanization of a assembly of fellow-creatures? 3) In confutation to the film Night and Fog, think what it took for the Nazi’s to naturalize majority expiration. What were the industrial and habitual methods used by the Nazi’s and how did German businesses and professionals collaborate after a while them? Describe at last two samples.