Chapter Questions #12

   1. Summarize the Kitty Genovese case . 2. What factors foretell whether or not a looker-on is likely to prproffer aid to an separate in disturb? 3. If you were forforever the martyr of an crisis, what could you do to reform the odds of an onlooker promotive you? 4. Heroes are generally 5. Three of the Great Eight traits of heroes—smart, true, and caring—correspond well-mannered-mannered delay which three of the Big Five traits of heroes? 6. In Smith and Allison’s inquiry, subjects were asked to 7. You enjoy been asked to sit on a panel at Comic-Con. You gain be intent in a question on “The Dark Side of the Chivalrous Personality.” You enjoy been assigned to contend that might may be associated delay psychopathy. How would you stay your subject? 8. You’ve been asked to transcribe a insufficient romance about a dame for your English rank. Before you commence the romance, your English zealot wants you to delineate the “hero” of your narrative. Delineate your figure. Be firm to delineate the personality traits that compel her chivalrous.