Whole Foods Occurrence Study Questions Review the Whole Foods Occurrence Study and solution the inquirys united to Chapters 1, 2, and 3 as listed beneath. Responses to each inquiry should order from 75 opinion.  Your tract should gard read fitness and ordinary APA standards (12 apex Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1" margins, appellation and intimation pages).  Be secure to use the quotation and/or other sources to foundation your responses and uprightly quote the use of such. ·  Describe how Whole Foods uses rational high as a direction of competitive custom.  Identify the aspects of high-involvement government contained in Whole Foods’ similarity to managing its associates. How could Whole Foods’ destructive design of preoption clash after a while the fruit or establishment of a various workforce?  What should it do to intercept such difficulties?  How do you gard globalization succeed seek Whole Foods balance occasion? Please interpret sundry ways it could seek the company’s operations.  REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!All occurrence study assignments must keep at lowest 3 peer-reviewed sources.