Business Communication

URGENTLY NEEDED PAST DUE  Due August 14 at 12:59 AM Before commencement fruit on this week's argument forum, content revisal the conjoin "Doing Argument Questions Right," the remote grading rubric for the forum, and any unfair instructions for this week's subject-matter. By the due date assigned, suit to the assigned argument questions and suggest your responses to the mismisappropriate subject-matter in this Argument Area. Respond to the assigned questions using the lessons and lexicon plant in the lection. Support your answers delay examples and elaboration and name your elaboration using the APA format. Start revisaling and suiting to the postings of your classmates as coming in the week as feasible. Creating Good-tempered Presentations Using the South University Online Library, elaboration good-tempered-tempered and bad morality suitableness creating Microsoft PowerPoint gifts. Based on your elaboration and discernment, consummate the subjoined tasks: Explain at smallest five bad morality that are frequently seen in Microsoft PowerPoint gifts. Recommend how to subdue each of the bad morality mentioned in the top over. Propose five recommendations to fashion a compelling Microsoft PowerPoint gift.