This plan has sundry minds, all of which are planned to fit you to be as prosperous a ward at Colorado Christian University as practicable. The mind of this plan is to preface you over deeply to Colorado Christian University, the beliefs that it holds as a faith-based organization, and how that procure impression your knowledge less at CCU. Respond to the aftercited questions: In Session 1, you were asked to interpret CCU’s Strategic Priorities. Review the Strategic Priorities again in vain of what we enjoy talked encircling thus far in the plan. Identify two of the Strategic Priorities that ruminate a biblical, or Christian, worldview and clear-up how you see the elements of the worldview exemplified. After you enjoy authorized how the Christian worldview is incontrovertible in two of the Strategic Priorities, ruminate on what you enjoy well-informed throughout this plan by obedient the aftercited questions: What did you find encircling CCU that remote your conception of what it resources to observe Colorado Christian University? What did you find that may enjoy the principal impression on your adit to your teaching at Colorado Christian University?