Beyond 3 problems in last unit, Quality improvement focus improvement plan with 1 health care accrediting and credentialing organization pptx

Assignment OverviewUnit 5 - Individual ProjectASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTIONDeliveroperative Length:  15-20 slide bestowation OBJECTIVES In Week 4, you verified some bestow areas of institution that you were operative to effectively discourse. You must bestow the decisive phase of your increase delineation to your staff and upper-level skill. You procure compose a bestowation of 15-20 slides. Each slide procure own 4-6 bullets and 100-150 expression of speakers notes.  The bestowation procure discourse the forthcoming areas: In making-ready for the accreditation mark for AKT, pick-out 1 heartiness circumspection accrediting and credentialing construction. Select a condition increase standpoint (QIF) area to emend unrepining outcomes in further the 3 issues that you verified and discourseed in Week 4. Discuss the separated accreditation influence akin to the QIF and why the construction is seeking this feature influence for credentialing. As multiply of the condition increase example, choice 3-4 akin accrediting standards that the construction procure use as the account for the condition increase delineation. Provide a obvious band-arms announcement and set of 3-4 unfair, measurable, attainable, realistic, and opportune (SMART) goals for the QIF example. Using the online axiomsbase supposing the by the construction you separated persuade an dissection. Provide unconcealed statistical axioms akin to the QIF. Discuss unfair heartiness circumspection examples of national, particularize, and national policies that own been exposed to emend this QIF established on evidence-established action examination. What inner policies do you delineation to tool established on evidence-established action approaches to secure your construction meets these standards? Develop a delineation that includes strategies for your quickness to emend unrepining outcomes respecting the QIF. Describe how the QIF example can be incorporated to the construction’s overall strategic delineation. Describe how you delineation to evaluate the energy of the example. Each slide procure own 4-6 bullets and 100-150 expression of speaker’s notes and pictures.