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BEHS 343: Grading Rubric: Applied Latest Scheme -- Part 3 Part 3: Examination Tract (50 tops) A 7 - 10 page (excluding designation page and intimation schedule) examination tract on the underlying end you chose for the applied latest scheme and a name of how parents can chaffer after a while the end/s of the Lot in Life -- grounded upon system and examination findings.. Your examination tract should attract from at meanest 8 knowing elementary sources of counsel (modern peer-reviewed life catechism, books written by cosmical harvest theorists, and council bulletins reporting up-to-date statistics). All sources of counsel must be cited and intimationd in APA, 6th edition, fashion. Please see the Syllabus and the UMUC device on plagiarism. Points for Part 3 of the applied latest scheme obtain be assigned in the aftercited manner: Description of the Problem/Issue.....5 tops Background Information.....10 tops (hypothetical perspectives and up-to-date examination findings connected to the theme) Strategies for addressing the end.....10 tops,                                                                                                                                                   (grounded upon system and examination findings)Descriptions of 2 topical agencies that effort undeviatingly after a while parents and/or their conclusion on the underlying end/s.....10 tops >Identification and name of two agencies (2 pts.) > Mission statements of each influence (2 tops) > Contact counsel for each influence (1 top) > Available services and programs for each influence (4 tops) > Cost of services and programs for each influence (1 top) At meanest 8 elementary sources of counsel (see overhead) .....10 tops Well unembarrassed, well-behaved-behaved written, APA format.....5 tops