Attributions and Behavior

  Have you always behaved in a way that went abutting a avowal or rate that you entertain? Why did this betide? What ruled your deportment in that second? When we discern our own reasons for going abutting our avowals or rates, we are rectify efficient to discern how this may betide delay delinquents. This assignment asks you to adduce attribution plea and percipient variety plea to a top in which this stamp of deportment may appear delay delinquents, and how that may rule their rehabilitative way. Create a short event scenario of a top in which an delinquent made a firmness to attract in a deportment that violated his or her rates, avowals, compositions, or action. Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® bestowal in which you awaken your event scenario. Include the following: Describe the top and the individual's deportment in the event scenario. Analyze the potential explanations for the individual's deportment using attribution plea. Describe the conformity between deportment and compositions in this top. Explain how percipient variety plea applies to this top, and how it may rule recidivism. Describe how this delinquent's composition and deportment may rule the agency of the food services delivered. Include at meanest three references. Include elaborate logician notes for each slide. Format any citations in your bestowal according to APA guidelines.