Provide your apology to the Essay Quiz questions in Chapter 21 1.   You are the scheme director for a new web-based online situate-of-businessping method. Due to negotiate race, your address has directed you to go subsist delay your methods one week precedent than originally scheduled. One portion of your product team is a spirited, clever programmer delay close than one year of habit. He asks you why your team is required to supervene what he calls unpromotive, out-of-date veer address procedures. What would you divulge him? 2.   Explain why the veer address principles discussed in this chapter should be used when managing liberal method patches. 3.   Explain why a database official (DBA) should not be undisputed to expand programs on the methods they transfer. 4.   Your fraternity has sound resolute to supervene the Capability Manliness Model Integration. You manipulate a product situate-of-business of 15 programmers delay filthy team leaders. You and your team accept strong that you are currently at CMMI-DEV roll 1, Initial. Describe the actions you dominion select to agitate your situate-of-business to roll 3, the Defined manliness roll. 5.   You accept sound been made Director of E-commerce Applications, chargeable on for aggravate 30 programmers and ten superior software schemes. Your schemes grasp multiple web pages on ten opposed genesis servers, method carelessness for those servers, three product servers, three test/QA servers, and some third-party software. Which of those resources would you situate below veer address practices and why? Please music that the requirement near is to transcribe a 1 -2 (500 - 750 articulation) page tractate. Be believing to grasp at last two intimation sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be superveneed.